Scuderia Ferrari reunites with Santander


After a previous collaboration from 2010 to 2017, the Santander bank is once again becoming a major sponsor of the Ferrari team in Formula 1, but not only. Thank you Sainz?

Officially, Scuderia Ferrari and Banco Santander have signed a multi-season deal. The Bank will be a « premium partner » and will be prominently displayed on the bodywork of Maranello’s next single-seaters. The Ferrari Driver Academy will also benefit. In short, great visibility with the standard bearer « the two Charles », Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz.

But, it goes further than F1, Santander will also be present on Ferrari Competizioni GTs, on cars participating in the FIA ​​WEC championship, and… on the future Hypercar car for the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Santander had joined the Ferrari fold in 2010 when Fernando Alonso became a starter for the Reds. Committed to a multi-year contract, the bank had not withdrawn and had not followed the Spaniard in his adventure with McLaren. With a very fit Carlos Sainz who surprised his world for his first year compared to Leclerc, Santander probably saw this as the right time to reconnect with Ferrari. The return to Le Mans also gives a very nice exhibition.

The power of the Ferrari name is still present

On the other hand, we coat all this with carbon neutrality. Indeed, officially, Santander has been the world’s leading bank in renewable finance, as well as through its investment bank Santander CIB. « Santander will thus help the Scuderia on its own path to carbon neutrality by 2030 ».

Coating a sponsorship among the reds with green, Mission Winnow did it and the green logo was not happy, far from it. Theoretically PMI (Philip Morris International) should disappear from the bodies, or be less imposing. No more room for the new sponsor? Already, the Scuderia is no longer officially engaged as “Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow” but simply “Scuderia Ferrari”.

The return of Santander proves that F1 still attracts sponsors, as long as one is at a good level or one is called Ferrari.

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