Scottie Pippen’s shattering statement on the Warriors!

More than ever present in the media these days, Scottie Pippen recently spoke of the great season of the Warriors. The legendary Bulls winger even made a glorious reconciliation for Steph Curry’s team!

Given his current ubiquity on TV sets, fans might almost wish he had released books every month. Or just the opposite, it depends. Fans of Scottie Pippen can indeed rejoice to see their darling multiply the speeches these days, as part of the release of his book, Unguarded. Most of the others tend to regret it.

It must be said that during his airings, Pip ‘does not content himself with describing his work and its content. He has thus become accustomed to discussing parallel issues, such as his beef with Michael Jordan, with very often controversial remarks. He also took the opportunity to react to news from the NBA, and the main topics that animate him at the start of the season.

For Pippen, ’21 Warriors get closer to ’96 Bulls

One of the attractions of recent weeks in the league is none other than the Warriors, back at the highest level and strong leaders in the standings (18-2). Author of a cheeky hot take on the Bay franchise in his latest work, Pippen was called upon to dissect the recent performances of Dubs on the airwaves of Sirius XM. From then on, he did it in an ultra-laudatory way for Golden State.

It reminds me of when we signed our first run, and took a two-year hiatus to get back to the top. They have good players. They know how to win. Once again, the chemistry of their group is felt. Everything is in place. They haven’t changed much from their title years so I think they’re able to continue like this.

Of course, Stephen curry and his teammates only ask to justify this beautiful comparison until the end of the season, and to become champions again after a few years of famine. The Chef, away from the field for nearly a year during this period, could then be brought closer to Michael Jordan, and his baseball parenthesis before returning to stack the rings in the NBA!

Scottie Pippen is going strong when judging the Warriors, as he compares the current team to his 1996 Bulls! After all, at the same stage of the season, Chicago also had an 18-2 record!

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