Scottie Pippen makes a great revelation on Kobe Bryant

Scottie Pippen is still on his promotional tour for his book, and for once he hasn’t mentioned Michael Jordan’s name. He spoke about Kobe Bryant, and he made a huge reveal on the Mamba, throwing himself a few flowers in the process.

Scottie Pippen is currently on a media tour to sell his new book « Unguarded », but strangely, this promotional operation turns into a settling of scores with Michael jordan. So yes, n ° 33 has recovered since the broadcast of The Last Dance in 2020, documentary in which he is is not necessarily respected at its fair value, but he has largely avenged himself since.

It all started when he admitted that his former teammate felt the need to release this XXL documentary to his glory to counter LeBron James’ fantastic comeback in the GOAT conversations. He then followed up with a more surprising statement, since he said that The legendary Bulls No.23 literally distorted basketball and made the league far too individualistic….

Scottie Pippen hero of Kobe Bryant?

If the journalists infiltrated the breach without flinching to obtain crisp headlines, some still thought about talking about other subjects. For example, when it passes over GQ, magazine which has just rewarded Dennis Rodman with a prestigious title, Scottie Pippen also revealed the name of the teammate he would have liked to have. And he threw himself beautiful flowers in the process.

The teammate that I would have liked to have but with whom I have never played is probably Kobe Bryant. I know Kobe idolized the way I played basketball, the way I defended, and you know when I retired he started calling me to ask me about certain game situations. How would I defend on such and such a player? What footwork would I use to deal with an attacking style?

I think he wanted to absorb all my knowledge to be even better on the pitch and develop his skills. He was an incredible student of the NBA game and he often asked me how I would have done to defend on Michael Jordan in such and such a situation. I think he just wanted to improve on this innate talent that he had in him.

Kobe bryant is unfortunately no longer of this world to confirm or deny the statements of Scottie Pippen, in particular on this supposed idolatry. But the Mamba was well known for his eagerness to learn from the best, so it’s no surprise he called out the legendary No.33. In any case, Michael Jordan was obviously not the only model of Kobe at the beginning of his career.

Visibly, Scottie Pippen wants to do everything Michael Jordan has done in his career and beyond. Everyone knows how much Kobe has been inspired by MJ in his career, and No.33 also wants to be talked about as an idol for the Mamba.

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