Scottie Pippen has a crush on Kevin Durant

Very vocal on the occasion of the release of his new book, Scottie Pippen does not hesitate to let go of some strong opinions. And some of them will not fail to cause controversy… He notably delivered an explosive exit about Kevin Durant!

In addition to regularly criticizing Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen tackles another subject just as fervently: defending the mythical status of the 1996 Bulls, long considered the best team in history, without question. Until the 2015-16 Warriors set an NBA record with 73 regular season wins, calling that unofficial distinction into question for some… which does not fail to make others tick.

However, the former lieutenant of His Airness is absolutely not of this opinion, he who sees his squad above the fray. Not long ago, he had also dropped a comment on Dubs, during an interview with GQ. To put it simply, the fact that Golden State hadn’t won the title at the time made all the difference:

You can’t win 73 games and lose. We can’t be considered the best team. You haven’t won a title. The team before you did it. They are better than this team because they won a title.

Pippen: “Kevin Durant or me? It’s the same « 

This opinion, n ° 33 decided to push it to its climax, to the point of making post-by-post comparisons in his autobiography. Unguarded. In it, he explains that only Stephen Curry would have the advantage in his position, against Ron Harper. However, when discussing that of winger, the six-time champion declared that he was at the same level as Kevin Durant !

Me or Kevin Durant? You can choose one or the other, there won’t be much difference.

This sentence will not appeal at all to the supporters of the Slim Reaper, who has another big season in Brooklyn (28.5 points, 8 rebounds and 5 assists per game). Certainly, Pip ‘was a fabulous player at post 3, able to defend just about any position from leader to pivot. He was also extremely gifted in attack, showing a rare versatility. But the…

After all, while KD is nowhere near the same defensive skills as his older brother, he remains one of the most incredible scorers to ever appear on an NBA floor, as well as a jaw-dropping overall offensive weapon. Putting the two men on an equal footing is in fact a very difficult exercise, especially as they display totally different profiles from each other. The game of comparisons shows its limits here, even if some will not fail to continue.

Scottie Pippen? Kevin Durant? Everyone will have their opinion on which of the two is stronger, but the debate still leans towards the Net. And you what do you think ?

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