Scottie Pippen explains why he hasn’t spoken to Jordan for 1 year


On fire lately, Scottie Pippen does not hesitate to openly attack Michael Jordan. Interestingly, the two men have not spoken for a year … the Hall of Famer has given the reason recently.

Authors of two three-peats together, Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan are far from being friends lately. Particularly raised following the release of the documentary The Last Dance, who was staunchly pro-Jordan, the winger went wild, regularly criticizing his ex-teammate via the media. Too bad, when you think of the fabulous duo they formed …

Since then, we can not say that the relationship between the two six-fold champions has been repaired. On the contrary, Pippen added a layer recently. Dan Patrick Show guest, he explained that without his presence, MJ would not have reached the Finals in 1996 without him:

I don’t know if Jordan would have made it that far, if you know what I mean. I’m just saying it like that.

Definitely, it will never stop between the two men, even if it is above all Scottie who is talking wildly. The most astonishing thing in all this is that the two men have not spoken to each other for a year, and the release of the series. For the old n ° 33, the reason for this is however very simple:

I think we’ve both moved forward in our lives. There is nothing to hang on to that happened over 20 years ago. There is nothing we can talk about. I mean, we could talk about our lives and our families and our rounds of golf or whatever, but we’re not going to go back and clarify what happened in the 90s.

For once, Pippen is relatively sober and lucid on the subject. It is true that after everything that has happened, and what has been said, it seems utopian that he and Jordan will patch things up one day, pretending nothing has happened. It wouldn’t be believable for a second.

Chicago fans will therefore have to put this dream aside, and be satisfied with the memories they have of the fabulous epic of the Bulls with this duo at their head. After all, we are talking about one of, if not the best NBA tandem of all time. Maybe that’s the only thing to remember.

Like what, winning titles together is not enough to create an unwavering friendship. This is all the more the case when you have egos as oversized as NBA players …


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