Scottie Pippen cracks and accuses the Bulls of racism!

In the midst of a promotion operation for the launch of his new projects and the upcoming release of his book, Scottie Pippen no longer hesitates to string together controversial statements. After the passing of arms on LeBron James and Kevin Durant, it is a tackle… to the Bulls which is sent by Pip, on an accusation of racism.

He is unrecognizable. Usually calm and level-headed, Scottie Pippen has released version 2.0 on his own in recent weeks. Change of look, more activity on the networks, a book coming soon: at 55, Pip wants to enjoy and stay young, as he said in an interview for GQ. It is also in this interview that the former Bulls released a statement that does not go unnoticed …

It concerns the famous fiasco of the 1994 playoffs, when, ulcerated to have seen Phil Jackson choose Toni Kukoc to take the shot for the win, Pippen refused to enter the floor again. The Croatian had scored, but the party had been ruined and it was a mad with rage Jackson who had returned to the locker room.

Many years later, therefore, Pip returned to the episode. With some resentment and a strange accusation of racism towards his former coach:

Why did I act like this? I don’t think it’s a mystery, it’s pretty clear to understand. It was my first year playing without Michael Jordan, why can’t I take the last shot? I’ve been through it all, the ups and downs, the battles with the Pistons, and now you’re going to insult me ​​by telling me to take the throw-in? I found it lacking in class.

I saw it above all as an opportunity to raise Kukoc in rank. It was a racial decision to move him forward. After everything I’ve done for the franchise, now you’re asking me to put the ball back in play and give it to Toni Kukoc? It’s insulting to me. This is how I felt it.

It was my team. Why ask me to pass? Why let him be the hero? He is not the leader of this team. You try to make him the hero.

Pippen, despite being the quintessential team player for much of his career, has visibly forgotten that you don’t have to be a team’s superstar to take a clutch shot, just as he forgot about it. importance of the role of the ferryman, which Phil Jackson had entrusted to him and which he refused. Quite confusing remarks, that some in the United States put on the account of a desire to make the buzz to promote his future book.

Scottie Pippen continues the controversy, with a very surprising « race card » out of nowhere. We hope in any case that Pip, who launched his Bourbon business, consumes in moderation …

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