Scottie Pippen bites the dust in his beef again with Larsa!

Already flouted by Michael Jordan and The Last Dance, Scottie Pippen has also had to take Larsa’s escapades in recent months. He has just suffered a new blow in the legal battle between him and his ex-wife!

When taking stock of the year 2021, he did not necessarily have to smile. Admittedly, Scottie Pippen has experienced great things over the past twelve months. Consulting for ESPN, he can always follow the NBA news in a privileged position, and for a fabulous salary. The sales of his latest book must have also allowed him to inflate his fortune. Unfortunately, many negative events have come in between.

More specifically, several high-profile beefs have punctuated his daily life, and pushed him to more than controversial statements. The first, the opponent to Michael Jordan since the release of The Last Dance, however tends to decrease. The second, surrounding his relationship with his ex-girlfriend Larsa, remains indeed relevant.

New snub for Scottie Pippen against Larsa

Separated for several years now, the two celebrities live a very different break. For his part rather discreet from a sentimental point of view, Scottie sees his former wife humiliate him by chaining the controversial love affairs. Luckily, their divorce was recorded a few days ago by American justice, but again includes a regrettable clause for the former Bulls winger!

In documents obtained by Radar, Scottie and Larsa reveal that they finalized the deal on December 15. The couple have two minor children, namely Sophia, 14, and Justin, 17, as well as two adult children named Preston and Scotty Pippen Jr. According to their agreement, Scottie will have to pay monthly child support for Sophia and Justin until until they turn 18. The amount of money is kept confidential.

Seeing a father provide for his minor children after a breakup is nothing out of the ordinary. Such an agreement is even rather common. Nevertheless, the pact revealed by Radar states that custody of Justin and Sophia would be shared by Scottie and Larsa! In addition, the latter has a priori sufficient income not to need this aid, especially thanks to his private sensual photos.

Aware of this fact, Pip would still have agreed to give part of his monthly earnings to his ex-wife. A way for him to show that he cares above all for his children, and to settle once and for all this legal case which has been dragging on since November 2018. From now on, he can therefore affirm that he no longer has any legal link with Larsa, and hope to start a new sentimental life on sound foundations!

Certainly in a hurry that his divorce with Larsa is finalized, Scottie Pippen would therefore have agreed to send him monthly alimony. An affront that he probably hopes will be the last in this affair!

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