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Scottie Barnes never ceases to impress. By its nerve, its aspect « NBA ready » in its game and its physical profile, and now by its versatility! Among the surprises of the start of the season for the “Rookie of the Year” race, position 4 was experienced as a leader last night against Sacramento!

A radical change that he handled brilliantly, the same way he acclimated to the NBA, in a snap. Nick Nurse tried to minimize the risk, making his decision after the break with the Raptors enjoying a comfortable lead (+18), and his rookie having a tough night at the finish (1/8 at the finish) . He was able to rectify the situation by making six assists.

“Yes, we took that option, and it was good. Putting him in the lead was probably not part of the pre-match notes, but it happened like that, and I felt that we could do it with the group that was on the parquet. He was expected to put a little more pressure on Gary (Trent Jr) and Fred (VanVleet), with two-man strikes or a little harder defenses. So the initial idea was to get Fred off the ball a bit. And when Fred came out, we continued to play like that ”Nick Nurse explained after the game.

An extra string to his bow

This is not a great first either as Scottie Barnes has shown that he has the ability to run with the ball in hand on the transition, to finish or find a partner. We have also seen him defend on Damian Lillard, with his mobility and size, able to hamper the leader of Portland.

Finally, he has already distinguished himself by delivering 7 assists earlier in the season against Indiana. The second half of the night was just one more step in that direction, and Scottie Barnes did pretty well.

“I thought he was good. It was even almost perfect, because he made some very good passes that we couldn’t capitalize on. With his size, they tried to take him higher up the pitch, but he was very good at finding his teammates. There are three or four occasions during this pass where the ball should have ended up in the circle. But overall I liked it. It was interesting « , added coach Nurse.

Scottie Barnes Percentage Rebounds
Season Team MJ Min Shots 3pts LF Off Def Early Pd Fte Int Bp Ct Pts
2021-22 TOR 14 36 50.8 15.4 79.1 2.9 5.2 8.1 3.0 2.6 1.0 2.2 0.6 15.9
Total 14 36 50.8 15.4 79.1 2.9 5.2 8.1 3.0 2.6 1.0 2.2 0.6 15.9

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