Score 50: Rivaldo, the eternal Brazilian

Legends of the past as stars of today, all have left their mark on football. The editorial staff of Score have therefore come together and put together their Top 50 of the greatest football players of all time, which we will bring to you. share day after day. 27th place today with Rivaldo.

Drawing : "Score 50: Rivaldo, the eternal Brazilian"

There are players who have a normal career. Then players who have a great career. And still above them, there is Rivaldo. Having become the first player to play with his son professionally, the Brazilian has had a career spanning no less than 25 long years, from his professional debut in 1990 in Santa Cruz to the end of his career in 2015. A quarter of a century spent throwing stadiums around the world in front of a talent never dulled.

Launched professionally in Santa Cruz, it quickly explodes in the eyes of Brazil despite his debut thousands of kilometers from the nerve center of Brazilian football. He connects the clubs, gets closer to Rio and will finally be crowned twice on the side of Sao Paulo. Then he will finally discover Europe to shine better. First at Deportivo La Coruna, where he scored 22 goals in 46 matches, then at the club of his life, FC Barcelona. Under the Blaugrana jersey, he won everything that could be at the national level, even went so far as to glean a Ballon d’Or in 1999 but stumbles on the biggest European trophy: the Champions League. It is in the jersey of Milan that he will go to win it in 2003, nine months after having offered the fifth world title in Auriverde to his nation. A short road trip from Greece to Uzbekistan followed before returning to finish his career in Brazil in 2015.

His achievements:

Brazilian Championship: 1994, 1996

Spanish Championship: 1998, 1999

Greek Championship: 2006, 2007, 2008

Spanish Cup: 1998

Italian Cup: 2003

Greek Cup: 2005, 2006

Champions League: 2003

Copa America: 1999

World Cup: 2002

Ballon d’Or: 1999

26th in the Score standings, with 64 pts

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