Schumacher ready to shine at Ferrari


Faraj Benlahoucine, Media365: published on Tuesday August 09, 2022 at 8:31 p.m.

Currently under contract with Haas, Mick Schumacher has revealed his desire to compete for Ferrari. The team with which his father won five of his seven world titles.

Michael Schumacher, still in a long coma since his skiing accident in December 2013, was unable to attend the start of his son Mick’s career. Now 23 years old, the descendant of the seven-time world champion, however, struggles to convince in the world of Formula 1. First of all within his Haas team, where his Danish teammate Kevin Magnussen enjoys preferences to serve as number one driver. But Mick’s uncle, Ralf Schumacher, also scratched his nephew recently as Nikita Mazepin could have done at the start of the season.

« Mick (Schumacher, editor’s note) should have obtained better results » recently affirmed the uncle of the 23-year-old driver. A disavowal came from a member of the family, a connoisseur of Formula 1 since Michael Schumacher’s brother played eleven seasons on the prestigious F1 circuit and won six Grand Prix victories. His statements did not, however, undermine the determination of his nephew, whose attachment to Ferrari remains more than ever unwavering. Linked to the Scuderia since 2019he has not forgotten the five World Championships won by his father at the wheel of the most famous red single-seater.

« I am prepared »

« Yes, yes and yes! I am prepared » exclaimed Mick Schumacher to German media. « I have grown up with Ferrari since 2019 and I know the workings of it. I will be happy to demonstrate what I am capable of » he continued before discussing his latest performances. « I’m better under pressure. It’s a positive thing because if you fight for the Championship you have a lot » A speech full of optimism quick to convince Ferrari? Admittedly, he scored in the points at the British Grand Prix (4 points) as well as that of Hungary (8 points). However, it will be difficult to dislodge Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz from one of the Scuderia’s two seats. The Monegasque occupies second place in the World Championship and the Spaniard is in 5th position. Announced for a moment at Aston Martin next season, the British team denied a future arrival of Mick Schumacher.


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