School: what will the 30 daily minutes of sport, compulsory from the start of the school year, look like?

The 30 minutes of daily physical activity (30 APQ) scheme, tested in 2020 and 2021, will be extended to all schools. From the start of the next school year, the children will do a little sport every day, as provided for in this program of the Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sports, with the National Sports Agency and the management committee. organization of the Paris Olympics in 2024.

What will the 30 APQ device be used for?

The 30 APQ device has several objectives: to promote health, to develop the motor skills and physical abilities of children, but also to make children want to play sports. It is part of the process « Health Promoting School »explains the Eduscol website of the Ministry of Education. « It is between the ages of 6 and 11 that a child’s relationship to physical activity is determined. And yet, 92% of girls and 82% of boys in this age group do not move enough. For 80% of children, sport at school is the main source of physical activity. Getting the younger generations moving means tackling this problem at the root, and giving the desire to move to an entire country in the making, by addition to the three hours of physical education and sports already compulsory for all students »can we also read on the official Paris 2024 website.

How will these daily sports sessions go?

The 30 APQ program is distinct from the physical education and sports (EPS) program. The forms it can take « are varied and must be adapted to the context of each school », says Eduscol. Thus, they can be fragmented throughout the school and extracurricular day, and « Recreation time can also be invested in encouraging children to exert themselves more and fight against sedentary lifestyle with playful practices ». In addition, these activities will take place as a priority on days when the children do not have PE.

As for the activities themselves, parents can be reassured: they won’t require you to wear a sports outfit, so they won’t have to put one in their child’s school bag every day. They will take place « in priority » in the yard, on the premises or around the school. The program is « soft » and does not want to give « a uniform or binding model ». It will therefore vary according to the municipalities and « all players in the educational community (teachers, educators, families, municipalities, partner associations including USEP and UGSEL, sports clubs, etc.) can be involved in defining a project that will fit into the school project.

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