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Angers is hosting the Continental Cup for the third time in its history. Favorites of their group for this second round, the Dukes will face SC Miercurea Ciuc (Romania), TC Ferencváros (Hungary) and KHL Sisak (Croatia). The last named, little thumb of the competition, will be keen to do well in a group that seems out of his reach. Report of this not very dashing match where David will not have defeated Goliath.

On a very gloomy and rainy Friday on the banks of the Maine, the noise of the butts breaks the silence that surrounds the Iceparc. In this first third, there is not enough to put stars in the eyes of the few spectators present to attend the meeting. The level of play offered is nothing extraordinary. On his first highlight, Miercurea Ciuc finds the fault twice. Aron Reisz first, left alone in the blue, left the goalkeeper no chance and opened the scoring (1-0 at 05’47). In the aftermath, the Romanians continue to press where it hurts. The puck is put in front of the cage then deflected and Anderson can do nothing (2-0 at 06’12). The difficulties continue to add up for Sisak, touched, because the Croatian captain Luka Jarčov must go out on concussion protocol. Despite successive penalties for each of the two teams, little happened in this first third which ended with a double penalty against KHL Sisak.

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This second third therefore begins with a situation of 4 against 3 then a double numerical superiority in favor of Miercurea. Despite a shot that hit the post (20’48) the Croats hold on and even offer themselves a meager opportunity on the counter-attack but Patrik Dobric’s attempt does not deceive the goalkeeper (22’36). The KHL Sisak remains as undisciplined as ever. Once again in double numerical inferiority, he holds his ground and even creates one or two counter-attack situations. Although united defensively, he lacked success on his meager chances and continued to be penalized on the other side. Dominant in the game, the Romanians do not convert. This is how the two teams once again returned to the locker room with the same score, two goals to nothing.

The final third between the two formations will not have been worth its weight in gold either, but will nevertheless have allowed the Romanians of SC Miercurea Ciuc to take off thanks to three goals in the space of eight minutes. Forgotten by the defense, Robert Ferencz-Scibi plays Anderson (3-0 at 45’23) before being imitated by Balasz Peter a few minutes later (4-0 at 49’22) and Andor Peter in stride (5-0 at 53’33). If the score illustrates in a certain way the physiognomy of the meeting, it is somewhat flattering since the players of Miercurea Ciuc will not have produced a great hockey this afternoon.

Designated players of the match: Attila Adorján for Miercurea Ciuc and Dominik Čanić for Sisak.

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SC Miercurea Ciuc – KHL Sisak 5-0 (2-0, 0-0, 3-0)
Friday October 14, 2022 at 4.30 p.m. at the Iceparc in Angers. 231 spectators.
Refereeing by Alex Lazerri (ITA) and Loïc Ruprecht (SUI) assisted by Johan Fauvel and Clément Gonçalves (FRA).
Penalties: Miercurea Ciuc 6′ (4′, 0′, 2′); Sisak 12′ (4′, 4′, 4′).
Shots: Miercurea Ciuc 38 (12, 14, 12); Sisak 20 (7, 6, 7).

Score evolution:
1-0 at 05’47: Reisz assisted by Gecse and Farkas
2-0 at 06’12: Részegh assisted by Gecse and Farkas
3-0 at 45’23: Ferensz-Csibi assisted by Casaneanu and Reszegh
4-0 at 49’22: B. Péter assisted by Reszegh
5-0 at 53’33: A. Péter assisted by Căsăneanu and Gecse

Miercurea Ciuc

Norbert Rokaly – David Stach (A) – Yevgeni Skachkov
Szilárd Rokaly (A, +2) – Balász Peter (+2) – Tamás Részegh (+2)
Csanad Fodor (+1) – Áron Reisz (+2) – Tihamér Becze (C, +1)
Zsolt Részegh (+1) – Andor Péter (+1) – Eduard Căsăneanu (+1)

Karel Kubat – Tamas Laday
Robert Ferencz-Csibi (+2) – Garrett Clarke (+2, 4′)
Hugo Gecse (+1) – Tamás Farkas (+1)
Csongor Bajko (+1, 2′)

Guardian :
Maksim Samankov (20 saves)

Substitute: Attila Adorján (G).

Sisak (2′ for excess)

Luka Jarčov (A, -1) – Renato Platužić (-2) – Sean Ramsay (-2)
Gabe Schovanek (-1) – Dominik Čanić (4′) – Patrik Dobrić (-1)
Tomislav Ličina (-2) – Hrvoje Krikšić (-1, 2′) – Jan Ikanović Šilhan (-2)
Filip Vragolović – Ivor Bujger (-1) – Tomislav Lulić

Ivan Puzić (A, -3, 2′) – Jan Smolec (-1, 2′)
Austin Wilk (-1) – Lorian Bezuk (-1)
Lovro Slovinac – Luka Komljenović (C)
Luka Baždar – Domadoj Kralj (-1)

Guardian :
David Anderson (33 saves)

Substitute: Franko Orešković (G).

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