Savard: « I’m happy to be on the same side as him now »

BROSSARD – Three players and head coach Dominique Ducharme spoke to the media following Friday’s practice at the Bell Sports Complex.

Josh Anderson, David Savard and Jake evans answered journalists’ questions. They were followed by Ducharme.

Here are some excerpts from their respective interviews:

Anderson on his relationship with Jonathan drouin and the importance of mental health:

“I think mental health is a big topic lately, and not a lot of people on the outside know what we as athletes are going through day in and day out. And everyone says, “You make a lot of money and so on. You should be able to handle this. ” But, that’s all the rest, what comes with it. Like social networks. I’m not saying it’s because of social media that Jo [Drouin] took a break or whatever. But I’m proud of him that he took a step back and cared about his health. This is the most important thing to do in a situation like this. And he did the right thing. I had the good fortune to be one of his close friends last year, and to keep in touch with him and to hear from him every day. We weren’t even talking about hockey; we were talking about life and those things. Just to make him feel like he was still part of the team. Then, when I came back to Montreal this year, about three weeks early, I was trying to find accommodation, and the first message I received was from Drou. He welcomed me to his home, with his girlfriend, and he made me stay with him. The determination he had, when I lived at his house he trained in the morning and I went with him, then he skated in the afternoon. When we finally came home, he would say, “We’re still training. I asked the coach to come here. ” I was like, « Are you going to take a break today? » He was so determined, knowing that he had been away for, you know, awhile. It was like that all the time at home. It was nice to see him focused and determined again. There really isn’t anyone I know who loves hockey as much as Drou. It’s great to see him here again. He has a big smile. He is happy. The guys are happy. He brings that energy to our locker room. So, I am very excited to have Drou back with us. « 

Video: Anderson on Drouin’s passion for hockey

Anderson on the fact that the team will have to compose without the leadership of the captain Shea weber this season:

“I don’t think anyone can really replace Shea Weber. But we have guys who have been in the League for quite a long time and who will lead the team in that direction. Savard has been a leader for a long time and he won the Stanley Cup last year. The same goes for Hoffman. He’s been in the League for a while. It’s the same with other guys on our team. Several players gained experience last season. They can all assert themselves and take on this role. You don’t always have to be the talking guy in the locker room, but showing your leadership on the ice is enough. « 

Savard on his first days in the Habs uniform:

 » I’m great. We have a great group of guys. I’m getting to know the guys better every day. I want to have as much fun as possible. Every day is important. Training camp is short. I want to integrate into the group as quickly as possible. It is certain that the objective remains the same: to win the Stanley Cup. « 

Video: Savard on his first days with the team

Savard on Anderson’s development since the two played together at Columbus:

“He’s a guy who brought a lot of energy to our team in Columbus. It was a big loss for us when he was traded to Montreal. He’s a guy who can change the turn of a game on his own by the way he skates and how he can hit. Over the years, we see that he has improved and that he understands the game better. That’s what made him so successful at Columbus. I believe that its positioning is much better than during the first years. He improved on that side to become a complete player. He is a player who is difficult to face. I’m happy to be on the same side as him now. « 

Evans on his offensive potential now that he has more experience in the NHL:

“I don’t really know if I could put a number, but I felt as the season progressed last year I felt more and more comfortable with the puck , especially in the offensive zone. Sometimes I squeezed my stick a little too tight or focused on an easy game to play instead of slowing down the game and trying to find a free player. Over time, we understand the game better, and I think I can contribute a lot more offensively. I feel like that’s what I accomplished last season and during the playoffs. « 

Video: Evans on his approach to his playing time

Evans on pivoting a trio alongside Rafaël Harvey-Pinard and Joel armia:

“I love playing with Army. He is a strong, intelligent and skillful player. He’s a very underrated player. He is very strong. Harvey-Pinard is a fun guy to play with. He’s a bit like Gally in a way. He is hungry and tenacious. He learns quickly. He is often the first to do the exercises and he does a very good job. « 

Ducharme on Evans’ progress:

“I like the way he plays. I like the little details in his game. I find him to be a complete player. He can use his speed and he’s intense. It can be used in different positions. There are a lot of positives for him. I think he showed great things in both training sessions. « 

Video: Ducharme on his first observations of the camp

Ducharme on the importance of Anderson, both on the ice and in the locker room:

“He’s a guy who can impact the game with his presence and speed. His physical side is disturbing for the opponent and he can score goals. As an individual, he is the ideal teammate. He has the team’s success at heart. He’s not the kind of gamer with an ego. He’s a guy who is committed to what we do. He’s always in a good mood. It brings good energy. He is appreciated by his teammates. There are many reasons why we appreciate having him here. « 

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