Saturday will be an important day for Eddie Howe and Newcastle

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Newcastle manager Eddie Howe held his first pre-match press conference. Before facing Brentford, a direct competitor for the maintenance in the Premier League, the coach of the Magpies knows the importance of this meeting.

A first at home and against a direct opponent with the support of all Newcastle supporters. It’s a perfect day for Eddie Howe to start his Newcastle managerial career: “I can’t wait to be there, I can’t wait to take on the challenge. I have no illusions about our current situation and what we must do ” said the one chosen by the new owners to launch their project.

Eddie Howe knows the importance of the game against Brentford

As Newcastle lag behind in 19th place in the Premier League table, Eddie Howe knows the importance of this meeting against Brentford, the promoted: “Tomorrow is an important day for everyone involved in the football club. The supporters showed how important it is, they sold out. I am sure that the atmosphere will be extraordinary for me and my players ” he added.

A serene manager

The former coach of Bournemouth ensures to be serene and sleep well despite the pressure he will have on his shoulders this Saturday and the following weeks: “You know, I don’t tend to have trouble sleeping. I’ll tell you tomorrow if my sleep has been affected tonight. As long as the training is going the way I want it to, as long as I feel like I have given the best of myself, that’s all I can do and I think I’ll sleep well knowing that I gave everything I could for the team and for the club. Then, as always in football, you have to let the game unfold. Obviously you can influence the game through the substitutes and everything, but you just hope your job is good enough. »He concluded reports BBC Football.

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