Sara Tendulkar Helps Her Mom’s Wish Come True By Baking This Summer Treat

Sara Tendulkar Is Helping Her Mom's Foodie Wish Come True By Making This Summer Treat

Sara Tendulkar is doing something special.

The daughter of former Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar, Sara Tendulkar, succeeds her father. Not in cricket, but in terms of fandom! The 24-year-old has been turning heads on the internet with her sense of aesthetics and now has over 2 million followers on Instagram. People who follow her life know that she is quite a foodie and loves spending time in the kitchen, cooking and eating. She even made a tutorial on how to make mocha for her fans and the video went viral! Recently she had another foodie adventure in the kitchen and she decided to include us in her sweet indulgence. Looked:

It looks like Sara Tendulkar is making a refreshing dessert for her mother Anjali Tendulkar. In the video she uploaded to her Instagram Stories, we spotted her whipping something up in a blender-grinder. She captioned the image as “mango ice cream in the making” and added, “@tendulkaranjali your wish is my order. It turns out that Anjali Tendulkar wanted to have some mango ice cream, so her daughter decided to make it for her quickly.

With the arrival of summer, everyone’s desire is felt and we want to indulge in mango in all its forms! In this blistering heat, mango ice cream seems like the best way to enjoy mango at home, because it makes the best of mangoes and the best of ice cream! If you want to eat mango ice cream at home and you don’t know how to prepare it, we are here for you!

For those who don’t know, Anjali Tendulkar is the wife of Sachin Tendulkar and the two have been married for 22 years. Apart from Sara Tendulkar, the couple also have a younger son Arjun Tendulkar who plays cricket professionally just like his father!

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