Santos Borré settles accounts with « disrespectful » Haaland after their quarrel

Colombian Eintracht Frankfurt striker Rafael Santos Borré recounted his verbal altercation with Erling Haaland which occurred last weekend when Borussia Dortmund (2-3) received in the Bundesliga. The South American player is not kind to Norwegian crack.

The image circled on social media over the weekend. Dark-eyed Erling Haaland tangling in Spanish with Rafael Santos Borré in a spectacular Bundesliga match between Eintracht Frankfurt and Borussia Dortmund (2-3). « Que pasa hermano? » (« What’s happening to you, brother »), dropped the Norwegian striker to his opponent. Blessed bread for the Madrid and Catalan media, on the block on the center forward of Dortmund, approached at Real Madrid and Barça next summer.

But on the side of Eintracht Frankfurt and its Colombian striker, the comeback of the Ruhr club, victorious 3-2 after being led 2-0, and especially the attitude of the Norwegian striker, were more difficult to digest.

« He came to warm me up at the end of the match… »

Warned after his foul on Haaland, Rafael Santos Borré, author of a double for nothing, found Haaland « disrespectful » when his team came back to score at the end of the game. « He started celebrating some actions when there was no reason for it, they were winning, » he told Colombian radio station El VBar de Caracol Radio. Santos Borré notably criticizes the Norwegian for having « screamed in the face » of one of his teammates.

On their altercation, the ex-player of River Plate says he was « surprised » to hear Haaland invective him in Spanish. « It’s not a usual thing here, » he says. But their exchange of sweet words did not stop after this action. « At the end of the match, he came to warm me up because he knew I was hot. He said things to me in English. I tried to tell him that what he was doing was not good », concludes Rafael Santos Borré, disappointed by the attitude of the Dortmund player.

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