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Sandro Grande appeared emotional and repentant on Thursday in a hotel in Laval, when meeting the media, letting it be known that his family had lived through a real nightmare for ten days. In particular, death threats were made.

« The important thing for us is to keep our sanity, » said the former player, embroiled in controversy after being hired by CF Montreal earlier this month. The most important thing is the mental health of my children.”

First hired as head coach of the reserve team, the former player saw his contract come to an end the next day. Comments made in the past against the sovereignists had resurfaced, then forcing CF Montreal to admit their mistake in having hired him.

For the first time, Grande admitted to having « written and denied » the famous message that was published on social networks in 2012 after the political attack in the Metropolis targeting the premier of Quebec at the time, Pauline Marois.

“The only mistake the shooter made last night was missing his target!!! Marois!!! Next time dude! I hope!”, he had then published.

« I wanted to apologize verbally to anyone I hurt, » Grande said Thursday.

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Touching response from Pauline Marois

In her press conference, Grande said she had written a letter of apology to Pauline Marois, having also received a “touching response from her”. The soccer man, however, did not want to reveal the content of the various letters.

After talking on the phone with Paul St-Pierre Plamondon, current leader of the Parti Québécois, Grande plans to meet him over the next weekend.

« I see life as a journey where we are always learning and navigating our paths on an individual basis, » Grande said. The important thing for me is to keep all our experiences in our back pocket so that we can improve the things we have done well and correct the mistakes we have made in the past.

With CF Montreal one day?

Regarding her future, Grande admits that she is currently unemployed. Asked about this, he did not want to completely close the door to a possible job with the CF Montreal organization in the future.

« I’m sad because I had the opportunity to join the club where I played for a long time, » he admitted, who previously held the role of technical director of FC Laval.

“Our judgment has been altered by our desire to give Sandro Grande a second chance,” commented CF Montreal president Gabriel Gervais on Tuesday, January 10, at a press conference. I am forced to admit today that it was a mistake.

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