Sales. Merchandise on sale at Renault, Peugeot, Citroën and DS

The 2022 winter sales are in full swing at retailers and car manufacturers are no exception, at least when it comes to their merchandise. French brands apply sometimes interesting reductions on their miniatures, accessories and other official clothing. Some nuggets in the process of becoming « collector » could appeal to collectors.

kit renault 5
R5 kit: €11.13

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Latest RS articles at Renault

At Renault, the online store associated with the new virtual museum The Originals already displays many items and some of them are offered at reduced prices until February 8th. A certain number of objects in the colors of Renault Sport appear in the catalogue. This sports department of the manufacturer has just bowed out in favor of Alpine, fans of RS-badged products can see it as one of the last opportunities to offer themselves official “goodies”. For example, key rings starting at €2, a belt at €5, pens at less than €10, T-shirts and caps at less than €30 or even a display price of €61.25 instead of €87. ,50 €. More original, an RS Christmas jumper is available for €23.40 and a plush driver in Renault Sport overalls is available for €13.14. Let’s not forget the futuristic F1 concept RS2027 Vision in miniature in 3-inch (7.6 cm) format displayed at €3.50 instead of €5.

Renault Sport plush
Renault Sport soft toy: €13.14
Renault Sport watch
Renault Sport watch: €61.25

In addition to the products stamped RS, certain items put on sale in 2021 for the 60th anniversary of the Renault 4 such as kits or magnets are also on sale, as well as some more classic products such as R5 T-shirts, Talisman miniatures and sunglasses, among others.

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Atypical products at Citroën

citroen cookie cutter
Citroën cookie cutter: €4
Citroen buffers
Citroën buffers: €3.85

At Citroën, too, we play the promo game. The manufacturer’s online store notably offers a low-cost duo of ink pads (€3.85), a cookie cutter for giving pastries the shape of brand vehicles (€4), a 2CV shape (€5), a braided herringbone belt (€10) or even a wall light in the shape of a 2CV (€21). More classic items are also on the menu. In terms of 1/43 miniatures, there are a few old ones at €25.90 such as an AX, a GS and a CX Turbo 2 Prestige, among others. Some products dating from Citroën’s centenary in 2019 are still available including a box of miniatures combining the Type A and the 19_19 concept at 1/43 for €57.40 instead of €82.

Citroën centenary box: €57.40
Citroën centenary box: €57.40

Those looking for miniature Citroën DS should turn to the DS brand website. There are DS 19s on sale in 3-inch format, as well as non-Citroën badged scale models such as the Divine concept, for €4.55 each. At 1/43, this same concept car is displayed at €29.40 instead of €42, like the DS X E-Tense prototype. Clothing and a few posters complete the catalog.

Diecast DS X E-Tense
Miniature DS X E-Tense: €29.40

Historic miniatures at Peugeot

Peugeot 1810 polo shirt: €12.50
Peugeot 1810 polo shirt: €12.50

Peugeot does not hesitate to discount certain recent products in its online derivatives store. Some clothing and accessories bearing the manufacturer’s new logo are among the promotions, including a windbreaker (€62.30), a down jacket (€117.60) or a polo shirt (€20.30).

The new 308 and 308 SW, the 508 as well as the restyled 3008 and 5008 are available in 1/43and for less than €30, but we also notice a stylized 402 Darl’Mat in metal like an old toy for €27.94 instead of €39.90. Items dating from 2020, launched for Peugeot’s 210th anniversary, are also on sale. T-shirts and hoodies are among them, but collectors will especially be seduced by the “black and white” box set bringing together an L45 and the e-Legend concept at 1/43 for €73.43 instead of €104.90 .

Diecast Peugeot 308 SW
Diecast Peugeot 308 SW: €27.30

Sales at Bugatti, too!

Even at Bugatti, we are selling. Discounts range from 30% to 50% but are limited to relatively standard items and mainly clothing, including for children. For example, a down jacket (€164.50), “La Voiture Noire” or “Centodieci” T-shirts in limited edition around €50 and some accessories such as pencils (€7) and a wallet (€105) , not forgetting the essential socks (€17.50). To access the catalog, go to the dedicated page.

bugatti pencils
Bugatti pencils: €7

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