Sainte-Radegonde. Sport Quilles Inières has had a full season crowned with titles

At the end of this 2022 season, the SQI has no less than 13 podiums including 5 titles. To begin with, in the 3rd series, the Capelle team is the district champion and the Monteillet team finishes 2nd in this category. In women, Clara and Charlène are vice-champions of Aveyron just like the teenagers Alexa and Lola. The honor team finishes 2nd and enters the queen category: excellence. For next season, the club of Inières will evolve in this category with 2 teams for the first time in its history.

The growing Hot team won both the Aveyron Championship and the Aveyron Cup, which allowed the promotion of this team. Individually, Antonin Vigouroux won the title of champion of Aveyron category hopes on the ground of Inières which organized this competition. The club of Inières wanted to reward the first 10 of the two categories by offering them a cake on the spit. Alexa and Patrick rank 3rd in the individual Aveyron in teenagers and superveterans. Also note that 7 players participated in the individual French championship in Saint-Amans-des-Cots. Pierre Axel finished 7th in senior men and Alexa 2nd in teenage.

Four teams have qualified for the French team championship in Rodez. Hugo, Julien, Audric and Antonin, in honor, win a 3rd place, while Alexa and Lola are crowned French teenage champions.

In perspective this time, the Excellence team will try to win the French Cup at Espalion (a title missing from the club’s list). Finally, the individual district will close the sports season on September 4 in Arvieu.

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