Saint-Witz: the Porsche dealership victim of a fire

The fire broke out shortly before 2 p.m. Significant resources were deployed by the firefighters, who were able to control it around 5 p.m.

The thick cloud of smoke was visible from the A1 motorway. In the early afternoon, a major fire broke out in a Porsche dealership with an area of ​​2000m2, located rue de Survilliers in Saint-Witz.

When the firefighters arrived around 2 p.m., the company’s thirty employees had been able to evacuate the building. Significant resources were deployed by firefighters, with 84 firefighters and 20 devices. Four fire hoses had to be deployed, two of which were on aerial means.

After 3 hours of intervention, the fire was brought under control and the device deployed by the firefighters reduced. The cause of the accident is not known at this time. The human toll reported no injuries. A firefighter was bothered by the fumes but did not require hospitalization. The employees of the concession are placed on technical unemployment for an indefinite period.

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