Saint-Nazaire: accommodation for a student, presence for a senior

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“If the student is only attracted by low-cost rent, or the elderly person, by additional income, it will not work,” notes Brigitte de Gaulmyn, development officer at the association “Le temps pour toiT ©illustration Uwe_Umstaetter/Westend6

Even on the phone, you can hear the smile in his voice. Bridget of Gaulmyn something to celebrate: the next day, she organizes a meeting between a young student and an elderly person in Nantes (Loire Atlantique). Once again, the “Time for you” magic is in motion. And she’s coming soon Saint Nazaire.

In terms of magic, the association, which Brigitte de Gaulmyn is in charge of developing, is rather common sense. Its principle is based on a simple observation, established after the tragedy of the 2003 heat wave: two generations with complementary needs are just waiting to meet. Thus, elderly people make a room available to them, “in exchange for a friendly and reassuring presence in the evening and at night”. Twenty years later, the recipe works for an average of 90 duets per year.

A magic that is reflected and worked

When it comes to magic, you still need a little. More specifically, a alchemybetween a host and a hosted.

It all depends on their motivation. If the student is only attracted by low-cost rent, or the senior citizen by extra income, it won’t work.

Bridget of Gaulmyn

The question of housing is certainly far from being anecdotal – “it is all the same a solution for student housing” – but it remains a pretext. Create links between generations, allowing the elderly to stay at home, bringing them life, giving young people a framework to succeed in their studies, these are the reasons for the existence of the association.

« Not a low-cost life assistant »

When it comes to magic, it doesn’t come by itself. To form the best duos, « Le temps pour toiT » has implemented a multi-step process. Meeting the interested person (to live or host), knowing everyone’s tastes, visiting the home, “all of this takes time. Who would go best with whom, according to hobbies, level of presence? We do tailor-made. »

Then comes the three-way meeting, with only one question in mind: “Do the two people see themselves living together? We are not asking for an answer right away”. It is up to the host to set the rules “within reason”. Because the association is there throughout the contract, with regular monitoring.

This makes it possible to recall certain limits on the commitments of each one. Young people, for example, are not low-cost carers.

We say young people by the way for ease. “The lodged can be over thirty years old. Some are in professional retraining.

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Already a candidate for Saint-Nazaire

After Nantes and Angers, here is “Le temps pour toiT” shortly in Saint-Nazaire. A movement finally quite logical with the growing attractiveness of the naval city and its transformation into a student city. « There aren’t a lot of small accommodations there either. »

Brigitte de Gaulmyn, from Nazaire, intends to activate her network to find volunteers. She has already started looking for a place to live for a future IUT student, Ludivine. “I met her, she made a very good impression on me, she has a very good relationship with her grandmothers”. Again, getting the machine going will take time. The development manager hopes to be able to present several offers at the start of the 2023 school year. She has confidence in the system. “Our record is a youngster who stayed six years with his host. It’s good that he found something strong there ”.

Information on 02 40 29 14 82 or on the website:

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