Saint Avold. Sport and leisure in Dourd’hal: three generations of « heritage »

A section created in 2007

Until this game of chess where Monique Bettinger, native of Dourd’hal and elected municipal, suggested to her opponent the candidacy of her daughter Lysa Roth, 16 years old. “I am not opposed to it and am even confident because Lysa was president of the municipal council of young people in Saint-Avold, let know François Belin. And then we must promote the place of women in our society! In 1983, I had put together a list for the municipal elections with 14 women out of the thirty or so names in the running… But hey, that’s ancient history! »

In the process, he recalls that the section was created in 2007. “I was 1 year old! “, mischievously slips the new manager. The first objectives were to make an inventory of public buildings, sites, documents before the volunteers, in partnership with other associations and organizations, tackled the repair of rural roads including that of Laudrefang, « because it is thanks to its paths that one reaches places steeped in history. »

“I will have to impose myself”

And then there was an exhibition by the CAUE (Council for architecture, town planning and the environment) of Moselle on the development of Lorraine villages. “This is where the idea of ​​taking part in the European Heritage Days was born, each year with a different theme such as water in Dourd’hal, the forest, the evacuation of 1939-1940, etc. », Lists the nonagenarian, not unhappy to give way to the high school student from Poncelet, a child from Dourd’hal.

Her young age and her lack of experience do not seem to be a hindrance for Lysa: “I’m not worried because ideas are flowing within the section and I will continue what Mr. Belin has put in place. I will have to impose myself because I have in front of me mainly men with more seniority and experience. » The ancestor takes her back: « You are the boss because the meetings will be held under your responsibility and you will have to be firm. A piece of advice: never put « miscellaneous items » on the agenda, otherwise it’s ruined. You must take care that the general debate does not become private talks which transform the meeting into an inaudible and ineffective hubbub! »

The dean is also reassuring: “This experience will serve you later in life! Without a doubt because Lysa is considering the profession of lawyer. For now, she knows she can count on the living memory of François Belin and his rich collection of photo archives and documents of all kinds. “I am always available”, reassures the ardent defender of Dourd’hal. “He even already has an idea for 2026! “, reveals Lysa: the celebration of the bicentenary of the autonomous parish created in 1826. Already the beginnings of a desire for independence as today where the inhabitants claim to be more Dahlener than Naborien and prefer to evoke the “village” of Dourd’ hal rather than the neighborhood.

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