Saint-Aubin-lès-Elbeuf: Sport to find a job

Climbing was one of the sports activities offered during this Mouv 'and Job meeting.
Climbing was one of the sports activities offered during this Mouv ‘and Job meeting. (© Le Journal d’Elbeuf)

Faced with twelve employers in the Rouen metropolitan area, 60 participants of all ages gathered to find a job in an original way: by playing sports. Several physical activities between candidates and recruiters or trainers took place throughout the morning, including rock climbing, boxing and taekwondo.

« There are also sporting challenges linked to the handicap within the framework of the week of the handicap with the blind football and the wheelchair basketball », explains Yazid Loue, the director of Point-Virgule in charge of the organization of the ‘event.

« This is to speed up recruitments and allow candidates to have a direct opportunity to complete their application through this innovative formula, » said Abdel-Karim Benaïssa, director of Pôle Emploi d’Elbeuf.

An edition without CV

A correspondence between candidates and recruiters is made upstream. They play as a team without knowing the companies that are in different sectors such as personal assistance, transport, catering or construction.
Playing sport is therefore a way of forging links before the meeting and the interviews. Mutual aid and sharing are naturally put forward. And recruiters can spot the qualities needed for working life. A first for this third edition, the CVs of the candidates were not presented to the employers.

« Candidates are less stressed during interviews »

At noon, they eat together and then in the afternoon only, they will have the interviews. “This formula allows candidates to be less stressed during interviews. We see the recruiter from another angle because they played together in the same team, ”explains the director of Point-Virgule. « The previous year, there was 50% success. »

At the end of the sports workshops, Karine Bendjebara-Blais, mayor of Saint-Aubin-lès-Elbeuf, Abdel-Karim Benaïssa, the director of Pôle Emploi in Elbeuf and Thomas Caillot, president of the Local Mission of the agglo d ‘ Elbeuf encouraged the participants.

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