Saha annoyed by criticism against Cristiano Ronaldo

The former Mancunian center-forward, Louis saha, vehemently criticized the idea that Cristiano Ronaldo is responsible failures of the club this season.

Ronaldo returned to Old Trafford for a second stint after United paid 21 million to Juventus for its transfer. The 36-year-old star impressed in the finish, notably scoring 10 goals in 14 appearances all competitions combined.

« Ridiculous analyzes »

But those goals weren’t enough to save Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, the Norwegian having been dismissed on Sunday after winning only once in the last seven Premier League games.

Some critics have suggested that Ronaldo’s inability to put pressure on opposing defenders played a important role in United’s disappointing season so far. Analyzes that annoy Saha at the highest point.

« For me, it’s ridiculous. That’s a ridiculous statement, « said Saha at ‘’. « The players are all professionals, some are from world class, and they’re here to improve, and they have to adapt. I do not see how the presence of a world class player on the ground can be negative. « 

« Ronaldo is not a problem, believe me »

« It is impossible to say that Ronaldo is at fault, continued the former French international. You could perhaps plead for a few tactical adjustments and find a way to make other players work a little harder, but that’s part of your job as a player and a coach ”.

Saha concluded by indicating that these are more the players around CR7 who are to blame. « I just don’t get it. In terms of mentality, if you’re not ready to do the work for the team, when you know that by your side, you have a seasoned scorer and who will keep scoring goals, then there must be a lack of humility from these players. It’s frustrating that some outside critics continue to use the name of Ronaldo against the team. He is not the problem, believe me. « 

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