Dakar, Oct 18 (APS) – The dailies that reached APS on Tuesday have almost nothing but Senegal Lions star striker Sadio Mané, whose presence in second place on the Ballon d’Or podium eclipses the other subjects, if we forget the still very pronounced interest of newspapers in politics.

« Sadio, ‘Ballon d’or du cœur' », Le Soleil posted on its front page, alluding to the Socrates trophy won by the star striker of the Senegal national football team, as a reward for his social actions.

The Senegalese footballer is the first to win this award which has just been instituted. « Best on the pitch and humanist at heart, » adds the newspaper, taking up a tweet from the Senegalese head of state published after the publication of the 2022 Ballon d’Or ranking.

Sadio Mané’s second place is the « best ranking of an African footballer after the coronation of George Weah in 1995 », recalls Le Soleil. « A historic ranking » for the star striker of the Lions of Senegal, underlines L’Observateur, according to which Mané was « stratospheric in 2022 ».

Sud Quotidien believes that « Sadio Mané has entered the pantheon of legends of world African football… ». A ranking that makes the « pride of an entire people », notes Source A.

« I am very happy to win this prize. It will make me want to redouble my efforts », reacted Mané whose remarks are reported by Vox Populi, Les Echos stressing that Sadio Mané entered « forever » in history Senegalese football.

Other newspapers are not left out to celebrate the star of the Lions, like the specialized daily Stades. « Sadio, always higher! » displays this log. « History for Africa », adds WalfQuotidien, according to which since the coronation of George Weah in 1995, « no other footballer from the continent had managed to reappear on the podium of this prestigious distinction » which is the Golden Ball .

Politics resists this football news and reserves a few pages in the newspapers, following the tour that the opponent Ousmane Sonko makes with his supporters.

« A ‘nemeku tour’ (visit) under close surveillance », indicates Le Witness Quotidien to evoke the presence of the leader of Pastef in the department of Mbour (west), an area which is « almost in a state of siege, because it is crisscrossed by heavily armed police and gendarmes ».

The newspaper Le Quotidien reports « great tension on the Petite-Côte », adding that it will take « a lot of tact from the defense and security forces, today, in Mbour, to avoid clashes having place between members » of the Alliance for the Republic (APR), the ruling party, and those of Pastef, the party led by Ousmane Sonko.

Sud Quotidien points out above all « the troubled game of the prefects » in the animation of the political space in Senegal and denounces « the little ‘administrative’ practice of the territorial administration against the opposition ».

« The intervention of the gendarmes acting on the orders of the prefect of Mbour against the procession of the leader of Pastef, Ousmane Sonko, brings up to date the debate on the posture of certain civil administrators », affirms the newspaper.

He adds: « Quick to crack down on opposition politicians, under the pretext of risk of disturbing public order, the prefects are nevertheless often inactive when it comes to demonstrations involving the leaders of the ruling party. »

Another political subject raised in the day’s delivery of the daily press concerns the « fronde » of former Prime Minister Aminata Touré and a few other personalities who identified with the ruling party, but who now seem to be at odds with their camp. if they didn’t just dissent.

In this batch there is the former Minister of Health and Social Action, Abdoulaye Diouf Sarr, whose crossing of the desert coincided with his defeat in the election of the mayor of Dakar, last January.

Similarly, the former Minister of Higher Education Mary Teuw Niane seems all the more distant from the camp of power that he continues to oppose the possibility of a candidacy of the outgoing president for a third term.

« The demons of the split await the Alliance for the Republic. These slings led by frustrated senior RPA officials risk disrupting the agenda of Macky Sall, who is waging a fierce battle against the opposition », writes WalfQuotidien.

Tribune summarizes the situation as follows: « Mimi (the nickname of Aminata Touré) and Abdoulaye Diouf Sarr are revolting. End of cycle for the APR and Benno Bokk Yaakaar », the coalition bringing together the presidential party and its allies.

« The wild rise in the prices of all foodstuffs and goods, the fear of a bad harvest and the cases of rebellion which undermine his camp, are all equations (…) » to which « President Sall must find a solution » , Tribune analysis.

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