Russian sport visible on YouTube despite sanctions

While Russian sport has been largely banned from the international scene, while several Kremlin-funded media (Sputnik, Russia Today, etc.) have been shut down by the European Union following the military attack on Ukraine on 24 last February, you can still follow the matches of the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) or the Russian Football Championship on YouTube. “In Russia, sport is conceived as a political weapon which must invariably be used to maintain power. All major sports federations are controlled by people close to the regime”recalls Lukas Aubin, associate researcher at Iris (Institute of International and Strategic Relations) and author of Sportokratura under Vladimir Putin, published in 2021. From the start of the war, the Russian Hockey Federation imposed on its clubs « to support, with his fans, our army »and announced the provision of appropriate advertising material: “The support of one’s own in a war is the only possible reaction of a normal person (…). This promotion is mandatory and must be reported. »

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