Russell Westbrook’s wife drops a huge cobblestone into the pond!

Nina, the wife of Los Angeles Lakers NBA superstar Russell Westbrook, has hit out at a reporter for his scathing criticism of the Brodie

@ninawestbrook / NBA (DR)

Days pass, and Russell Westbrook’s situation in Los Angeles does not seem to be improving. He doesn’t know if he will be traded, he doesn’t know if he will be used, and his wife Nina begin to get annoyed. Faced with the latest rumor, she decided to throw a stone into the pond for her husband!

A few days before the opening of the training camp, Russell Westbrook would probably like to see a little more clearly about his future… After a complicated first exercise in his hometown, the playmaker quickly found himself at the heart of many rumors sending him to the four corners of the league. He would no longer necessarily be desired by LeBron James and leaders, an assumption that has made sense in recent weeks.

Indeed, the Purple and Gold have just registered the arrivals of Patrick Beverley and Dennis Schroder, who showed themselves much more to their advantage during the playoffs with the Timberwolves and during the EuroBasket with Germany. Because they correspond more to the mentality of the new trainer Darvin Ham, the two new ones could well demote the former MVP to the rank of 3rd leader!

Russell Westbrook’s wife calls for his departure!

Unless he is no longer in the group by the time training resumes, and this is a rumor that swells in the City of Angels. After the surprise postponement of Rob Pelinka’s press conference and his trainer, the local media believe that something is brewing. Nina Westbrook, Russell’s wife, was also quick to post a message on Instagram after this news.

A bottle of water can cost $1 at the supermarket. $3 at the gym. 5 dollars at the cinema and 6 dollars on a plane. 10 bucks on vacation. Yet it is the same water. The only thing that changes its value is location. So the next time you feel like your value sucks, maybe you’re in the wrong place.

The message is pretty clear: According to Russell Westbrook’s wife, it’s not the point guard who isn’t good and disappointing on the field, it’s the Lakers who don’t value him enough, of course. the field than outside. And if we rely on the conclusion of her message, we understand quite easily that she would like to see her husband in another franchise, where he would be more fulfilled. It may be the intervention that will change everything for him…

Russell Westbrook is in total limbo just days before the start of the school year, and his wife is starting visibly to get impatient. She would probably rather see her husband happy far from Los Angeles than tormented in his hometown.

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