Russell Westbrook undrinkable in press conference after defeat


Heavily beaten last night on the Boston floor, the Lakers continue to vegetate in 9th place in the Western Conference. A situation which begins to weigh on Russell Westbrook, particularly not very talkative and accommodating during his passage in front of the press after the meeting …

Another bad evening. Corrected by the Celtics (130-108), the Lakers did not really exist on the floor of the TD Garden, even though Lebron james made his long-awaited return to the line-up. If the King was at the expected level for a comeback (23 points and 6 rebounds in 32 minutes), like Anthony Davis (31 pawns), the Angelinos could not count on a Russell Westbrook of the great evenings.

With 12 points, 6 assists and 4 rebounds, the Brodie was rather clumsy (5/13 shooting, 1/4 throwing) and handicapped by his 5 faults. Still far from the level he would like to display in his native Los Angeles, the former MVP was not in a shattering mood when he sat down for the traditional press conference. Barely 3 minutes, against 8 in the last two games, and little cooperation with journalists …

Russell Westbrook, king of the short and brittle answer

Journalist: “51-33 for the Celtics on the rebound tonight, how do we fix this persistent problem? « 

Westbrook: “Bah… take rebounds. There is not much to do. You have to go catch the ball, that’s all ”.

Journalist: « What adjustments have the Lakers struggled to make with the return of LeBron James? « 

Westbrook: “I don’t know. You have to watch the game to see and understand ”.

Journalist: “What must be accomplished now on the rest of the road trip? « 

Westbrook: « Win ».

Journalist: “And how do you get there? « 

Westbrook: “Shit, I don’t know, just go out there and win. In any way whatsoever at the point where we are ”.

A not frankly shattering press conference that reflects an unease at Westbrook, who (finally) elaborated on it a little later:

After each game everyone asks the same questions, and I’m tired of always giving the same answers. It’s always the same, after every game « hey, how long is it going to take? » We don’t know. Even when we start to win games, it will still take some time behind. There will be ups and downs all season long, and what matters is how you approach them as a team. Either it divides you, or you unite and find the solutions. We know that we have the team to find the solutions, so it’s up to us to do it.

Like Russell Westbrook, the Lakers are beginning to have a hard time living this difficult situation that goes on forever. Fortunately for the Californians, a series of affordable games begins, against teams in negative balance – the opportunity to finally start the season with a series of victories. And make Brodie smile again.


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