“Russell Westbrook? There is a good chance that… »

Far from his best level, Russell Westbrook is struggling on the side of the Lakers. Will he be able to bounce back during this campaign, or will he continue to sink? For this journalist, it’s a dark future that awaits the playmaker. He even predicts a terrible future for Brodie for very soon…

It’s no joy for Russell Westbrook currently. For lack of convincing performances, as well as a good understanding with LeBron James, the leader was relegated to the bench. That doesn’t mean he’ll be limited in minutes, but it’s a relatively strong pick from Darvin Ham. Can Brodie reassure in this new role? That’s what we’ll find out in the coming weeks.

Russell Westbrook towards a dark future

If the experiment does not work, it is normal to ask some questions about the future of the player. After all, the latter will be free on the market in the summer of 2023, and under threat of departure. The Lakers aren’t sure they’ll retain him, but who wants Brodie at that level? For Chris Mannix, journalist for Sports Illustrated, it is a possible end of career for the former Thunder.

You can tell Russ, “You went to Houston, it didn’t work out. You went to Washington, it didn’t work out. You went to LA, it didn’t work out. You can show him that there are plenty of reasons why he should change, but he won’t. And as long as he remains stubborn, there is a very good chance that we will see Russell Westbrook’s last career season. He made 4 of 17 jumpshots, he shoots 8.3% from three points, his decisions have been horrible since the start of the season. If it doesn’t change, it’s over. No one will give him a contract, even the minimum.

A very cruel observation for Westbrook, who will have to prove that he is able to change. It starts by taking advantage of his new role, while showing that it is always possible for him to place a few cards. Otherwise, we can expect the worst:

It doesn’t matter which team gets it in trade, whether it’s the Jazz, the Pacers or the Hornets. No one will keep it in their roster. (…) These teams are not looking to recover Westbrook. Above all, they want the multiple draft choices. If Westbrook isn’t playing at the Lakers this season, he isn’t playing anywhere else.

On the downward slope for too long now, it’s time for Russell Westbrook to wake up…at least if it’s still possible. In the event of poor performance, it is not unthinkable that the point guard finds himself in an uncomfortable position, far from the Lakers. The next few weeks will be decisive in his new role.

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