Russell Westbrook sick, fans have a blast

Russell Westbrook isn’t in great shape right now, and the Lakers may have given an explanation for that: the point guard is sick. And rather than be compassionate, the cruelest fans decided to laugh on social media.

When Russell westbrook returned home to Los Angeles this summer, nearly all observers making the Lakers favorites for the title late in the season. I have to say that Lebron james has rarely played with a leader of this level, and it was to relieve everyone by organizing the attack. But after a disputed half-season, it is clear that the integration of Monsieur Triple-Double takes time.

In his last 10 games, Russell Westbrook runs at 17.4 points, 9.3 rebounds, 8 assists and above all 4.3 lost balls on average, all with 41% shooting success and 21% at 3 points. Figures that are far from sufficient in the title race, which is why the name of the leader is regularly rumored. But this mishap was partly explained at a press conference.

Russell Westbrook sick, fans laugh

Russell Westbrook has symptoms similar to a cold, has tested negative for COVID and can travel with the team.

Russell Westbrook would therefore be ill currently, which could explain his small form on the floor. The information remains rather reassuring, since it is not about COVID, so the fans have decided to let go. On social networks, where morality does not always have its place, some Internet users have decided to make a few jokes about the health of the leader. Definitely, it’s not the crazy love between Russ and the fans yet.

He should confine himself for a few weeks, just as a precaution.

Westbrook has had cold symptoms all year round. His shot has been frozen from the start.

Integration is not the easiest for Russell Westbrook … Lakers fans are among the most demanding in the whole league, and they do not hesitate to shoot red balls on players who are not at the expected level. The proof…

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