Russell Westbrook set on fire after another fiasco!

Rather good for his last game of the year 2021, Russell Westbrook did not wait very long in 2022 before falling back into his pitfalls. His disappointing performance against the Timberwolves has earned him a massacre on social networks!

Like his team, whose first part of the season turned out to be particularly delicate, he had nevertheless ended the year 2021 on a very good note. Serious and diligent in the face of the Blazers, Russell westbrook walked out of the Arena with his head held high three days ago. Unfortunately for him, this beautiful clearing did not last very long.

Westbrook beaten for his loss of balls

After having quietly joins Magic Johnson in Lakers history, this Friday, the Brodie was much less to his advantage for his first game of the new year. Against the Timberwolves, he has thus compiled « only » 20 points, 3 rebounds and 5 assists, accumulating at the same time no less than 9 losses! An action signed in the first quarter also quickly set the tone for his evening.

It’s even more fun to force

At halftime, Westbrook already had a huge total of 7 turnovers, without preventing his team from leading. In the end, its 9 units did not prove to be too damaging, the Angelinos managing despite everything to pocket their 3rd victory over the last 4 games (108-103). Internet users, despite everything, did not hesitate to castigate Russ and his statistical copy, which is widely criticized!

Russell Westbrook has 9 losses. I bet $ 1,000 that he’ll sum up his bad game just for not signing a triple-double, and say he can’t do it every night.

Westbrook has to be a stay-at-home dad or something

The matches follow, and are definitely not the same for Russell Westbrook. All that remains for him to do is hope that Tuesday’s meeting, against the Kings, will be one of the few good nights for him this season!

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