Russell Westbrook mocked after his first failure with the Lakers!

The Lakers meeting was followed this Friday night by many people, and for good reason: LeBron James and Russell Westbrook were playing their first game of the season. The King was average, while his friend missed it. The mockery wasted no time in flaring up.

Lakers vs Warriors, it was probably the most followed poster this Friday night. An enticing meeting, and yes, even for the preseason. It must be said that Steph Curry was present, like LeBron James and Russell Westbrook on the other side. In the end, it’s Baby Face who shines with a huge performance (its highlights to find here).

Opposite, it’s another story. For the native of Akron, it will be necessary to take a little rhythm. With his new number 6, he finished with 9 points at 4/12 shooting, including 0/3 behind the arc. We add 3 rebounds and 2 assists, but it’s a little outing for him. But whoever can blame himself is clearly Westbrook.

Westbrook misses out on first as Laker

For the first time with the Angelinos jersey, the former Thunder did not really convince. Obviously, he needs rhythm, but that did not prevent the mockery. It must be said that he finished with 2 points at 1/7 shooting. We add 6 ball losses, all in the first quarter, and we better understand the critics, even for the preseason.

Russell Westbrook in the 1st quarter on his debut with the Lakers 😬. 0 point, 2 rebounds, 1 interception, 7 ball losses (corrected in 6, editor’s note), 9 minutes.

This trade made the Lakers even worse

But I got fucked up for saying Patty Mills >> Russ

Don’t panic with the Lakers and Russell Westbrook, this is only the preseason. All the same, the point guard could have provided a more convincing performance for his debut, and avoided losing the ball so many times. It’s up to him to find his rhythm.

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