Russell Westbrook badly trolled after his match by the opponent!

Disappointing against the Celtics this Friday night, Russell Westbrook was destroyed by the Celtics chain. A violent tackle against the leader, all using Dennis Schroder. Ouch.

While the infirmary is gradually emptying on the side of the Lakers, LeBron James made his return this Friday night against the Celtics. We were therefore expecting a victory for Frank Vogel’s men, or at least a promising performance. This is not the case, since they were again beaten sharply after a bad third quarter (to see again here).

It’s not the joy of Angelinos, and it shows. Anthony Davis is still struggling behind the arc, while Russell westbrook did not particularly shine. He released 12 small points, in addition to 6 assists and 4 rebounds at the finish. Clearly, not a big difference for the leader, who also ate a very nasty tackle after the game.

Dennis Schroder shines against his old team!

If Westbrook struggles, Dennis Schroder can not say the same, at least on this game. Unsure after an ankle problem, the leader absolutely wanted to be there. He concludes with 21 points 8/14 shooting, in addition to 6 rebounds and 6 assists in 34 minutes. However, it is a fact after the match that appeals to Internet users.

With his big performance, Schroder appeared in the post-game interview: the perfect opportunity for the Celtics channel to tackle Westbrook badly. In the following image, we can see that next to Dennis’ name, it is marked: « You pay Russ 44 million lol », instead of the player’s statistics. A free tackle, and that’s no joke.

We imagine that if Westbrook falls on it, he might not take it very well. While it might sting his ego, it doesn’t have to be bad news either. The Angelinos are waiting for the leader to wake up as soon as possible given the recent results.

Clearly, the Celtics have no respect for Russell Westbrook, who is clearly not in top form. It’s only the start of the season, and we’re curious to see what happens next. A rematch is quite likely.

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