Russell Westbrook and Pat Beverley, an unlikely friendship

Before this summer, Patrick Beverly and Russell Westbrook were seen as sworn enemies. Gathered at the Los Angeles Lakers, the two leaders have completely turned the tide. They have now succeeded in building a rather unlikely privileged relationship.

As good professionals, the two athletes buried the hatchet when they found themselves on the same team. However, we did not expect them to become so close. Yet by September, Beverley viewed Westbrook as his best friend » in the Lakers locker room.

The two exteriors train very early in the morning, around 6 a.m., and meet regularly face to face. This proximity allowed them to weave a special bond. Guest on Kevin Hart’s « Cold as Balls » show, the former Clippers point guard explains that he has a special place in the eyes of Russell Westbrook.

« That’s the beauty of having two guys (like us). If you only have two rams, you can only understand the things the other is going through. So I’m able to tell him things that no one else is going through. ‘no one else can tell him’explains Beverley.

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This unlikely friendship is one of the few rays of sunshine in the Lakers’ complicated season. 13th West, LeBron James and his teammates are very badly engaged in the race for the playoffs. If Russell Westbrook finds his rhythm off the bench, he remains very far from the level of his MVP season in 2016-2017. The same goes for Patrick Beverley, who has not lived up to expectations since his arrival in Los Angeles.

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