Rumors: Bartolo Colon in Detroit?

Hold on tight. The colorful Bartolo Colon may not be done with MLB after all, even though he was taking it easy on a Yatch not too long ago.

The 46-year-old veteran is rumored (or not) to sign a minor league deal with the Detroit Tigers.

Well, if this happens, it would remain a minor contract and would not guarantee a return to the Majors for Big Sexy, but that’s how the last time he managed to fit into the Rangers line-up. Last year with this team, he posted an ERA of 5.78 with a WHiP of 1.35 and an 81/25 ratio for strikeouts and walks in 146 1/3 innings.

He did try to fuel interest in his services this winter, but it didn’t work. Clearly, if that deal goes through, he’ll have to spend some time in extended spring camp before joining the Tigers’ Triple-A team.

But other sources say the rumors are fabricated and the Tigers aren’t about to sign the veteran.

How seriously should we take this rumor? Take it with a HUGE grain of salt. Then, other than mentoring in the minors, what service could they really be doing for the Tigers?

I don’t know, but it seems to me that I would opt for a young man before Bartolo at this age, without taking anything away from the career he had.

In short, I just don’t believe it.

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Also, I want to believe that the Tigers have injuries in this position, but still…Colon? Really? Colon isn’t a Fulmer (who’s on 60 IL) and he won’t be plugging this hole.

Can you believe Bartolo could return to MLB? Me, not sure.

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