Rugby. Federal 2: Hugues Béliard cultivates good humor in Rheu. Sport

The great Argentine columnist Jorge Valdano often associated the position of a player on the pitch with his family situation. A delicious metaphor that cataloged logically married defenders, while creative circles and attackers should ideally enjoy being single. In other words, the responsibilities in the face of recklessness.

If we project the thing to rugby, we can imagine the fathers of the bib number 1 to 9 and the big teens from 10 to 15. Winger or rear, this is the position of Hugues Béliard, the speed asset and the box to Rheu Rugby surprise. The former Vannetais would therefore be part of the singles, free as the air as a winger, being able to appear anywhere and at any time, or initiating crazy raises with the 15 in the back.

Hugues Béliard is this prototype, a happy and enthusiastic player as in his life off the pitch, probably. “As much in Vannes as in Dax and now in Rheu, having fun above all is my goal, he comments. This year, our three-quarter line seems to have progressed in terms of connections. « 

« Here, nobody takes himself for a star »

Indeed, if the Rheus pack is having a difficult start to the campaign on a physical level, the back lines show a sudden fluidity, well-combined movements, a spontaneity that we did not know in previous seasons.

« The discipline that Julien Marie instills in us has a lot to do with it, Hugues continues, and then, Simon at the opening and Sébastien at the center are our tactical referents.  » This new balance between the two sectors of the yellow and black game bodes well for the future.

Humility transpires from this group, « Nobody takes himself for a star here », assures Hugues Béliard. He who wears a broad smile before, during and after the matches, the « Mister good humor of Rheu ». The Rheusois have so far provided the essential in each of their services. The bonus would obviously be to hit a few good shots on the outside. From Sunday at Plaisir?

The group : F. Ollivier, Touchais, Taupin, G. Ollivier, Bourrier, Forget, Levet, Gras, Queval, Sigogneau, V. Giblaine, Come, Invernizzi, Frémont, P. Giblaine, Piaud, Magnan, Collet, Forgue, Callegher, Béliard, Burgaud. Coach: Martin Lagarde.

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