Rudy Gobert’s replacement revealed, fans smash him!

After 9 seasons at the Jazz since his arrival in the league, Rudy Gobert is finally about to discover a new franchise. At the same time, Utah seems to have found its successor in the racket… which does not seem to convince everyone!

The big reshuffle had been brewing for a few seasons already. In the absence of convincing results in the postseason, the Jazz indeed seemed destined to reshape its workforce sooner or later in large widths. It finally happened this summer, after another elimination in the first round of the playoffs, and resulted in two major departures, including that of Rudy Gobert to Wolves. Departures that leaders must now fill.

Utah massacred for its choice of pivot post-Rudy Gobert

An essential piece of Quin Snyder’s system in recent years, Gobert alone represented the defensive pillar of his franchise. In all likelihood, it will therefore be difficult for the latter to find a replacement capable of offering the same performance. In order not to take too many risks to ensure this transition, the Utah front office called on a veteran racket according to Shams Charania:

Sources tell Tony Jones and I that center and free agent Cody Zeller has agreed to a deal with the Utah Jazz.

Soon to be 30 years old, Zeller presents the same experience as Rudy in the NBA. Part of the Hornets for many years, he spent last season at the Blazers in relative anonymity. Not sure, therefore, that he will be able to make people forget the Stifle Tower on the side of Salt Lake City. Internet users have also expressed the same hesitation following the announcement of this news, all with a good dose of irony:

Gobert’s replacement 🔥

Joking aside, who is it?

Jazz fans expected to see their team suffer from the vacuum left by Rudy Gobert following his departure, and are not very optimistic after the signing of Cody Zeller. The former Hornet will do well to fuel so as not to suffer from the comparison!

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