Rudy Gobert’s incredible viral troll towards a very insistent fan


Apparently, Rudy Gobert is not necessarily the pivotal funny in the league, nor the most active on social networks. Yet this Sunday he offered himself an incredible viral troll on Twitter following insistent requests from a fan.

Rudy Gobert is a very special player in the NBA and in particular because of the perception that fans have of his game and his personality. Almost unanimously adored in France, which could not be more normal in view of its performance with the Blue jersey, the backbone of Jazz is much more polarizing across the Atlantic. Between his style of play and his salary, he receives a lot of criticism.

Moreover, the “anti-Gobert” episodes have been numerous in recent years… We remember the flood of mockery received after his tears concerning a non-selection at the All-Star Game, we remember all the hatred poured out when he was the first positive test for COVID in the league, even as the outbreak was inevitable. And what about the jealousy of some legends after it was extended to $ 200 million ?

Rudy Gobert’s huge viral troll

Fortunately, if its image in the league is sometimes damaged, the Stifle Tower can count on the unconditional love of Utah fans. Some are also ready to do anything to attract the attention of their superstar such as creating a twitter account dedicated to a possible interaction. The opportunity for the pivot to release an incredible viral troll.

Day 69 tweeting Rudy Gobert until he answers.

Rudy Gobert: I was waiting for this day.

For 69 days, this user waited for a possible response from Rudy Gobert, and he could undoubtedly have continued much longer. Fortunately, the pivot used this symbolic number to make the dream of the man or woman behind the Twitter account come true. And for the 68 days before, he was able to focus on his game, and in particular his new secret weapon: 3-point shooting.

Behind his dominant and intimidating indoor air, Rudy Gobert has this small dose of humor which has, for the moment, made laugh all the Net surfers.


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