Rudy Gobert unambiguously on the arrival of Joel Embiid in Blue!

It is now almost certain: crowned with French nationality, Joel Embiid will one day wear the jersey of the French team. An arrival that makes people talk, and to which Rudy Gobert reacted bluntly in comments relayed by FIBA.

Vincent Collet recently confirmed what the whole basketball world suspected: if Joel Embiid took all the steps to obtain French nationality, which has now officially been granted to him, it is indeed to play in the French team. The coach of the Blues has made no mystery about his desire to select the pivot when he is available, and it is therefore with a racket made up of Rudy Gobert and the big man from the Sixers that the EDF should present itself at the Olympics. 2024.

For several years, this perspective was not really unanimous among the executives of the French team. Evan Fournier had publicly expressed reservations, while Gobert, even recently, made a rather ambiguous statement on the subject.

Rudy Gobert publicly dubs Joel Embiid

All these reservations seem to no longer be relevant, since the latest statement from the Wolves neo-pivot relayed by FIBA ​​is much more dithyrambic and laudatory towards his Franco-Cameroonian counterpart.

(Embiid) is an incredible player. There is no player like him on the planet, so yes, I would like to see him one day with the jersey of the French team.

This is rather a good omen, and is likely to reassure on relations and ego issues within the France group when Joel Embiid will land in the workforce. In any case, there is no doubt that if everyone is on the same wavelength, this tricolor team will be very difficult to beat, and will be able to harbor immense ambitions.

While waiting for the first selection of Embiid, which will inevitably arrive sooner or later, and probably after the Euro, the official FIBA ​​account is already wondering which armada will be able to undermine this arch-competitive French team, reinforced by the arrival of Jojo:

Who can stop them? 🔥

The management of the French team is managing any turbulence or shocks linked to the arrival of Joel Embiid in the group well, and Rudy Gobert’s statement is reassuring about the future. Now all that’s left to do is wait!

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