Rudy Gobert, the implacable proof that closes the debate

As the regular season comes to an end, a great debate concerning Rudy Gobert is revived: should he win the defender of the year trophy? If you ask Draymond Green the answer is no. However, a journalist has just provided proof that should close some mouths.

With two games remaining for the vast majority of teams in the regular season, the dice are all but cast when it comes to thinking about individual trophies. The MVP, MIP, DPOY and others will give their verdict in a few weeks, without the playoffs playing a role in it. If this is not a priority for him, Rudy Gobert intends to win something.

If he has not kept pace with the other monsters for the MVP, the French pivot hopes to be crowned defender of the year soon, once again. It would be a great feat for him, and proof that his performances are noted by journalists, although contested by others, like Draymond Green. No doubt, the interior of the Warriors is bitterand not just a little.

Rudy Gobert on his way to the DPOY? The stat that changes everything

Giannis Antetokounmpo, Bam Adebayo even Marcus Smart, they are several to be able to claim the title of DPOY this season. We find a bit the same, but the speech given by ESPN journalist Tim MacMahon can change the situation. The latter shared new elements on Gobert’s impact on Jazz, and it’s a fact: no one does it better.

The most convincing case for Rudy Gobert to win the DPOY again is the defensive rating (the lower it is, the better, editor’s note) of the Jazz without and with him on the floor. Utah has 105.1 with him, enough to rank the first team, and 112.3 without him (21st). The differential is -7.2, which is by far the best among DPOY candidates.

DPOY candidates, defensive rating on/off court/differential:

Rudy Gobert: 105.1/112.3/-7.2

Bam Adebayo: 104.8/108.8/-4.0

Giannis Antetokounmpo: 107.7/111.3/-3.6

Jaren Jackson Jr.: 105.8/107.2/-1.4

Marcus Smart: 104.8/105.2/-0.4

Mikal Bridges: 106.7/101.2/+5.5

The result is easy to understand: no defense changes its face as much as that of the Jazz when Rudy is present on the floor. This is a solid argument for the pivot, which greatly improves the chances of his team. In view of such a statistic, it is difficult to see how the one nicknamed Gobzilla could lose this trophy.

There will be some disappointments for the DPOY, but judging by these stats, that shouldn’t be the case for Rudy Gobert. The numbers are clearly going in his direction, allowing him why not to win a first trophy this year, and perhaps not the last.

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