Rudy Gobert targeted by the Nets? The mad rumor that swells!

Trade offers should not be lacking for Rudy Gobert, including from league leaders. A famous US media even thinks that Brooklyn will try its luck! We could then see the Habs playing with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, a hell of a madness.

In the current context, it’s a safe bet that Rudy Gobert will no longer wear the colors of Utah next season. The failure in the 2021-22 playoffs is certainly one too many, and the franchise should part with one of its stars during the offseason. The French pivot is considered the most likely to leave, and rumors around his future base are rife, Golden State and Dallas regularly returning to the discussion.

Nevertheless, some observers are of the opinion that instead, The Stifle Tower should rather change conference and go East. Recently, Toronto and Atlanta have shown interest in the triple All-Star in particular, but Bleacher Report thinks another franchise could join the battle for the Saint-Quentin native. The American media thus sees the Nets mingling with the dance, going so far as to imagine an XXL trade also involving Ben Simmons!

Rudy Gobert, the perfect fit for Kevin Durant & co. ?

The Brooklyn Nets have previously tied their title hopes to their ability to overwhelm the opposition on offense. The swap of James Harden for Ben Simmons showed a clear strategic shift towards better balance on the pitch, and leaning even more in that direction – perhaps with a straight swap of Simmons for Rudy Gobert – could be the piece that would complete this puzzle.

Gobzilla with Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and the whole black and white superteam? It would be a pretty mind-blowing outcome, although there are indeed a few factors that could go in its direction. Ben 10 brings no guarantee in Brooklyn, having not played for a year unlike the big man of Jazz. In addition to that, the latter brings qualities that Steve Nash’s team sorely lacks and which could make it improve drastically:

Brooklyn won’t gain much while the franchise is stuck in 20th place in defensive efficiency. The addition of three-time Defensive Player of the Year Gobert could guarantee the Nets a top-10 defense next season. He is the best protector in the paint in the NBA, not to mention an elite rebounder and a powerful finisher around the basket.

Could he disrupt Brooklyn’s offensive spacing a bit? Sure, but probably no more than Simmons. But if an attack can accommodate a non-shooter while still maintaining optimal spacing, it’s likely one that has a horde of long-range threats, like Kevin Durant, Kyrie IrvingJoe Harris and Seth Curry.

On paper, the Nets would therefore have every interest in targeting Rudy Gobert, according to Bleacher Report. Will the leaders then give it a shot? That remains to be seen, but a trade involving the Frenchman and Ben Simmons would be resounding anyway.

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