Rudy Gobert slams a huge perf for his season premiere!

Determined to have a great season, Rudy Gobert knows he will have to raise his level of play alongside Donovan Mitchell and his other teammates. That’s good, the pivot is gaining momentum in this preseason, since he has just martyred the poor Pelicans.

This season, we are probably playing big on the Jazz side. After another disappointment last year in the playoffs, many fans are hoping that the franchise will succeed in reaching a milestone. Donovan Mitchell will have to attack, while Rudy Gobert will be expected at the turn on the other side of the floor. Count on the French to take a title of DPOY by the way.

Because if the pivot can claim such rewards, then that will mean that he has been efficient. This would be good news for Utah, who wants to do everything to shake up the hierarchy in the West and win a ring. Otherwise, the future of this roster could be called into question.

Rudy Gobert has fun in the Pelicans’ racket

While waiting to see how the regular season unfolds, where we expect Quinn Snyder’s men to be high enough, Gobert has decided to have fun in the preseason. The Jazz challenged New Orleans on Monday night, and the meeting turned badly for the teammates of Zion Williamson, still absent. Gobzilla’s stats? Monstrous.

In just 24 minutes, it’s very strong. One or two more minutes, and Rudy could have stalled a 20/20 in the preseason. But the victory is there with the score of 127-96, no need to force in such a match. We can also talk about his +37 differential, proof that he has changed a lot of things on the floor. Judge instead:

In bulldozer mode, Rudy Gobert had fun in the Pelicans’ racket. A good performance for the French, which confirms his rise to power. It’s up to him to continue like this, because it’s a great season that awaits him until 2022.

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