Rudy Gobert reveals why he refused to quit Jazz

In the league for 8 years now, Rudy Gobert is an executive among NBA interiors, awarded All-Star status and Defender of the Year trophies. Faithful to Jazz, the Frenchman explained the reasons for this loyalty with “anti-superteam” accents at the microphone of Shams Charania.

His legitimacy seated in the league and his full CV, Rudy Gobert dreams of only one thing in the NBA: winning the supreme title and becoming a champion. The tricolor hub has been working to get there for years, and this season seems like one of the biggest opportunities for the Salt Lake City troops.

Number 1 in the West and author of a serious first round against Memphis (4-1 victory), the Jazz are undoubtedly one of the heavyweights of the West. A collective maturity that validates Gobert’s choice to extend a few months ago and to register for the long term in Utah.

Coveted by several franchises, the Frenchie has often been advised to go to a big market to fulfill his dream of the Larry O’Brien trophy. It was without counting on the line of conduct of the native of Saint-Quentin, who spoke to Shams Charania:

I’m in my 8th year here, and we finally have home advantage, and obviously the first spot in the West. I’m just very proud of how far we’ve come.

A lot of people, and in particular a lot of people around me, have kept telling me that if I wanted to win a title, I had to go to such and such a big market, to play for such and such a team, or with such and such a player … My answer has always been the same: when I see where I’m from, it’s the story of my life: I always had to work hard for everything I have, so it fits well that (the road towards an NBA title) is not easy. Each year we had to garner respect as a team, and if we won the title, the story would be magnificent.

Conversely current trend, Rudy Gobert therefore prefers to stay true to his career, his values ​​and his frankness rather than join a big market and, somewhere, deny himself. A superb mentality which we obviously hope will pay off for our French. In the meantime, the more anglophiles among you can watch the full interview with Shams and Rudy:

Leaving Jazz to go under the spotlight in Los Angeles, Miami or elsewhere? Rudy Gobert disagrees. It is in Utah that he wants to win, and that is all the harm we wish him.

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