Rudy Gobert responds to massive disrespect from Mavs player

Two days before the start of the series between Jazz and Mavericks, tempers are already starting to heat up, especially vis-à-vis Rudy Gobert. After being badly attacked by one of his opponents, the French pivot obviously replied… with a light tackle too!

21 years later, the two franchises finally find themselves in the playoffs. Fifth in the final standings of the Western Conference (49-33), the Jazz will go this Saturday to the Mavericks, 4th (52-30), to start the first round of the final stages. A series that promises to be extremely tight, and whose tone is already beginning to be set by some of its actors.

Indeed, three days before the two teams clash on the floor of the American Airlines Center, it was the Dallas players who launched hostilities with barely concealed declarations of war. Two Texan elements attacked Rudy Gobert at a press conference, hoping to disconcert the pivot star. They weren’t the only ones either.

Targeted by Finney-Smith, Rudy Gobert counterattacks

A few minutes after his teammates, Dorian Finney-Smith in turn decided to tickle Gobert through the media. Launched on his potential matchup against the Frenchman, the Mavs winger showed immense confidence, and a certain lack of respect towards the Stifle Tower. This did not fall on deaf ears, since our national Rudy returned the favor this Thursday!

Rudy Gobert smiled before responding to Dorian Finney-Smith, who wants Rudy to defend on him in the Mavs small-ball lineup: « It’s part of the game. Right now, I’m focused on what the game is. imposes on us. And today, what the game imposes on us is to defend well on Luka (Doncic), and to adjust ourselves with the other guys. »

In other words, muzzling DFS only appears as a secondary mission in the eyes of Gobzilla, who will above all wish to contain Doncic as much as possible with his partners. Enough to put his assailant in his place, and in passing make the Slovenian star understand that his return from injury will not be easy against Utah. Decidedly, this series makes more and more salivate!

Provoked in the media by Dorian Finney-Smith, Rudy Gobert did what he knows how to do best: counter his opponent. The Frenchie will be accountable this Saturday, and a message to send to the Mavericks!

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