Rudy Gobert relays an unequivocal message about him


Despite his success with Jazz this year, Rudy Gobert is still far from unanimous in the league. The pivot is frequently the target of criticism, sometimes inexplicably. He recently retweeted a very explicit message about him.

On the pitch, everything is going well for Rudy Gobert at the moment. After finishing with the best NBA record in the regular season, Utah extricated itself without too much concern from its series in the first round against Memphis (4-1). The Jazzmen are now quietly awaiting the winner of the clash between Dallas and the Clippers.

Outside the prosecution, on the other hand, the French never ceases to be practically attacked by his detractors. A fan of Gobzilla, however, came to his aid on Twitter, and the person did not miss it. He even shared the message from his supporter:

The hatred towards Rudy Gobert on this network is so unnecessary… This is where you know you are doing things right, Rudy.

Rudy Gobert: « You hit the nail on the head ».

We salute the pretty position taken by the Internet user. Regularly mocked and criticized, especially since his questionable behavior at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, Rudy has nevertheless responded on the field, with great performances this season.

With 14.3 points, 13.5 rebounds and 2.7 blocks per game, The Stifle Tower is a real anchor in the ultra-oiled team of Quin Snyder. He is also on his way to winning his third Defender of the Year title, which would allow him to equal an NBA record. And at the same time, his franchise practices particularly effective basketball.

What more can we say, except that the Frenchman will only be able to silence the critics if he goes very far with Jazz this season. Going to the NBA Finals seems like the only option for him if he wants to be left alone. And again, not sure that this is enough if the Mormons bow to it …

Systematically criticized by his detractors, Rudy Gobert at least obtained the support of one of his fans. The pivot will probably want to thank him by bringing back a ring in Utah. That’s all the harm we can wish him.


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