Rudy Gobert receives strong support after his major trade!

Traded to the Wolves, Rudy Gobert is eagerly awaited at the start of the Minnesota side. Some pressure for the player, especially given the counterpart released by his team to take him to Jazz. The French criticized, he can still count on support, like this former teammate who does not understand all these statements.

After a few good seasons on the Jazz side, Rudy Gobert will discover a new team at the start of the school year. He will play for Wolves, in order to form an XXL racket with Karl-Anthony Towns. A duo eagerly awaited by fans, but also by other people close to the NBA. The reason ? The counterpart released by Minnesota in order to recruit the Frenchman, namely 5 first draft rounds, in addition to a player from the last vintage. A major compensation, who doesn’t like this star.

In the event of a trade, we knew that Rudy was going to bring good things to Utah, but at this point? No one had seen it coming. It’s hard to blame the Jazz given the quid pro quo, but we have to believe Wolves are very excited about Gobzilla’s contribution next season. A little too much perhaps? What is certain is that not everyone is won over after this exchange.

Rudy Gobert continues to debate after the trade!

For a few days, and the announcement of the trade, criticism has been flying everywhere on social networks. Some believe Wolves have done a bit of a mess in jeopardizing their future so much, with others questioning Gobert’s overall level. Is it really worth all that? Obviously, the answer is yes according to Joe Ingles, former teammate of the French at Jazz.

It’s so weird to me all these people… I don’t know if they don’t want to respect him or they don’t like him or they think he’s bad at basketball, but I don’t know what you’re looking at if you think Rudy isn’t a talented player. During the first years, I mostly thought he was tall and long. Did I see him becoming as strong as today? Maybe not, but I thought it was going to take time. It must have taken one or two years before really turning a corner.

Rudy didn’t explode from the start of his career, that’s for sure, but the sequel is worth a look. The impact at Jazz is massive, mainly in defense, but not only. As Ingles recalls, Gobert is also a very simple person off the court:

He’s a really good person off the court, no drama with him. I don’t understand how you can’t respect what he does on the floor. I see numbers about what he does, his defensive impact and it almost seems unreal. There’s no one else in the NBA who does all that.

This unique contribution, the Wolves intend to take advantage of it for the years to come, in order to win an NBA title. The unknowns remain numerous, especially with the agreement with Karl-Anthony Towns, but the potential is there. In a new environment, it is now up to Rudy to prove that he is above the rest and that he deserves these praises.

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