Rudy Gobert poses a dubious 360 ° at the last second, the internet is on fire!

Difficult winners of Italy (84-75), the French reached the semi-finals of the Olympic Games for the first time since Sydney 2000. To celebrate, Rudy Gobert released a totally improbable 360-degree dunk on the gong.

So we hadn’t seen that coming. Manhandled by catchy Italians, the French suffered in the 4th quarter of their match against Italy. Fortunately, Rudy Gobert relaxed the atmosphere with totally improbable action in the dying seconds of the game.

Once the victory was acquired, and while he inherited a final ball in counterattack, the pivot of the Jazz blew up the internet with a wacky inspiration: slam a dunk in 360 degrees. It is not necessarily the most aesthetic, but it is done: the proof below.

Obviously, such an action did not fail to ignite the internet, and in particular a Mister V who was amazed either:

Beyond this joke, Rudy Gobert did the job, and this is the most important. With 22 points at 10/13 shooting and 9 rebounds, our colossus has made his law reign in the paint. He was helped by Evan Fournier (21 pawns), and, of course, the great match of Mr. Nicolas Batum.

After a short celebration, it is now time to get back to work. In the semi-finals, it was the Slovenians of a certain Luka Doncic waiting for the tricolors. And this time, there will surely be neither the time nor the place to slam a 360 degrees in counterattack …

Happy and relieved, Rudy Gobert took us out for a while for eternity. Come on, as long as it wins, it’s archi-validated!

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