Rudy Gobert: “My trade? When I see that, it’s a mark of respect! »

Minnesota Timberwolves NBA superstar Rudy Gobert has caused a big buzz by flaunting his wild physique in recent hours

Minnesota Timberwolves (DR)

Rudy Gobert is the biggest player traded during this summer of 2022, and the Timberwolves have put the means to recover one of the best defenders of his generation. Back in France, the pivot of the Blues is also revenue on this XXL trade with a rather flattering, but truthful perspective on his career.

It was to be expected after the new humiliating elimination of the Jazz in the playoffs, the leaders of the franchise decided to start again on a new project and to exchange Rudy Gobert. What we could not see coming, however, is that the French pivot would indirectly be the reason why the market was going to remain paralyzed for the rest of the summer…

Indeed, he was not only traded for veterans such as Patrick Beverley, who has since joined the Lakers in a new major trade, but also for 5 first-round draft picks! This compensation therefore served as a basis for all the other negotiations, and in particular those around Kevin Durant, which explains why No. 7 will stay in Brooklyn for at least one more season. Not every team is willing to mortgage their future for an All-Star.

Rudy Gobert respected and valued by franchises

Back in France to prepare for the EuroBasket with the French team and to work with his foundation, the new pivot of the Timberwolves was questioned by the youtubeur Unseen Samy on the value of this exchange in his eyes. For Rudy Gobert the observation is rather simple and explicit: being exchanged for such a big package is a good indication of his contribution to the league. (excellent video to be found in full here!)

To be exchanged for such a big package? It is a mark of respect. It really shows that the Jazz respect me and that I was very valuable to them. It’s also proof that the other teams in the league value me. There are trades in the NBA all the time, but not many players are traded for that much. When I compare to the trade on the night of my Draft, I see the progression.

The night of the 2013 Draft, Rudy Gobert, selected by the Nuggets, was traded to Utah for Erick Green and a few hundred thousand dollars, which is not necessarily up to the player he has become. Its evolution in just under 10 years is all the more remarkable, since it almost broke the trading system this summer. Also in the same video, he sent a nice message to Salt Lake City, as a farewell.

It’s mostly the people I’m going to miss in Utah. I have created links in 9 years, with people that I appreciate a lot. When you leave such a place you inevitably miss people. Then there’s my house too, I love it very much, there are the mountains around… Salt Lake City is a pleasant and calm city, but it’s a new beginning. Minnesota is a little bit the same.

Rudy Gobert became one of the most expensive players in history following this trade, and nothing says franchise will disburse a day as much as the Timberwolves did this summer. It’s up to him to meet expectations on the court, with an exceptional season.

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