“Rudy Gobert? It destroys the game”

If he wants to be able to go far with Minnesota, his new team, Rudy Gobert must know how to get along with his future teammates. That’s good, one of them took the first step towards the triple DPOY, dropping a big statement about him. That promises!

After years of vegetating in the slums of the Western Conference, the Timberwolves finally appear on the upward slope. Back in the playoffs this season, the leaders wanted to exploit this success by bringing in Rudy Gobert, even if it meant stripping their squad a bit (five players sent in exchange for the Frenchman). It doesn’t matter, however, since the former Utah pivot will now form an extremely powerful racket with Karl-Anthony Towns.

On paper, the new Wolves roster convinces a lot of people, starting with the Shaq who unleashed a shattering decla on this point. Coach Chris Finch’s men seem more equipped than ever to fight for the top spots in the West, and can hope to do much better than a first round of the playoffs like in 2021-22. The players themselves are aware of this, showing themselves galvanized by the arrival of the international tricolor.

D’Angelo Russell hyped by the arrival of Rudy Gobert

The best example of this remains D’Angelo Russell, who was asked about his new teammate by The Athletic. The leader then dropped an answer without appeal:

He destroys the game. Obviously you have to be on your guard to capitalize and win because he controls the pace and intensity of the game in defense. He can control all of this on his own. I’m excited about this.

Triple Defender of the Year, a feat that only three other players had achieved before him, The Stifle Tower is indeed a specialist in the matter. This will notably help to relieve Karl-Anthony Towns, who is rather adept at offensive domination. D-Lo has no doubts that the Jazz alum will be able to acclimate perfectly to his new environment, showing his enthusiasm at the idea of ​​playing with Gobzilla:

The dynamic for him is probably going to feel a little foreign to him, but I think once we have some success and we see what our foundation is, everyone will fall into place and everything will be smooth instead of us had to force things and make something out of nothing. He’s going to bring so much, too, I’m so excited.

Whether with the former Laker or Anthony Edwards, Rudy could indeed form a rather interesting pick-and-roll duo, which would allow him to touch more balls in attack as he wished. That being said, not sure that Russell is still there to shine with him then. Following the outbreak of the rear sophomore, the franchise has obviously decided that the former No. 2 draft was no longer really part of its projects. It could therefore be traded very soon.

D’Angelo Russell announces the color, he really wants to play with Rudy Gobert 2022-23. Not sure he’ll still be there next fall, but the Frenchy will certainly be happy with such a warm welcome.

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