Rudy Gobert is opening up incredible land in Paris, and more!

Passing through France like every summer, Rudy Gobert seized the opportunity to get involved in the education of French youth. For example, he opened an incredible field in the Paris region, but also an academy with a much broader aim than sport.

It is difficult to know if it is the American influence that is starting to have its effect on French NBA players, but more and more of them are becoming passionately involved for the good of our society. Like a Lebron james, always very active, even politically partisan, the members of the France team stood out at the end of the summer by their social and societal actions.

It all started with Evan Fournier, who saw much beyond the controversy triggered by the words of the Minister of National Education Jean-Michel Blanquer on the role of EPS in the success of our athletes on a global scale. Rather than making a mockery, the Knicks rear opened a serious discussion to bring about change, which earned him a small passage through the ministry.

Nicolas Batum also fights for his ideals, for example he did not hesitate to challenge three ministers to defend a file that is particularly close to his heart... It was therefore only a matter of time before Rudy Gobert, the other pillar of the Blues, is involved in his turn. This is what he did by opening in particular a brand new site in Levallois, in the Paris region.

So obviously, Rudy Gobert did not build this field himself, he simply gave permission to Nike and the city to use his image to bring this beautiful project to fruition. But the image of him painted in the middle of this brand new playground has a meaning that he chose and that he explained to our colleagues from the Parisian: « look up, always ».

And this is undoubtedly what he will teach the young people who will attend his brand new academy. Thanks to the Jazz hub, some young people between 10 and 16 years old will be able to perfect their mastery of the orange ball, then take English lessons, enough to keep the dream of going to the NBA one day, or eloquence lessons. The “Rudy’s Foundation” risks changing the lives of more than one young person!

Rudy Gobert is particularly involved in the life of the community in Salt Lake City, he is now trying to leave a mark in France. It is the children of Levallois who will be happy with this new land.

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